Friday, October 13, 2017


This gal is a new custom from 2017. And she is an original design loosely based on the costume in the “Tomb Raider Legends” video game, from 2006 I think. Some fans have said that the new rebooted Tomb Raider [from 2013] seems more like “Lara Crofts daughter” than the true original character, per her looks and personality… anyway, I digress… although I do prefer the original Lara, per her wit, her courage and her attitude.

The base model for my Lara Croft was a hybrid of Marvel Legends Thundra [upper chest and shoes] and Captain Marvel [lower body, arms, thighs and head]. Her Hair was fully sculpted and a small 5mm magnet was used to connect the ponytail to the back of her head. Her boots were fully sculpted as well. Her jacket was fully sculpted along with the collar and the t-shirt. I also gave her a larger bust and a bigger butt. My custom, my choice.

Inserted within the core of her long hair is…. Craftwire, bent and shaped like an “S”. That was the embedded skeleton to guide my sculpting process. And then I used Green Stuff [the Warhammer40K standard putty, which comes as blue and yellow segments] to sculpt her long ponytail, since that putty is actually like Procreate putty in its bendable nature; but it is actually far more sticky than Procreate. And the other popular putty that I used for making her body enhancements is Milliputty, which hardens solid and doesn’t bend when it has fully cured, after like 3 hours. And Tamiya paints were used to color her.




The gun holster came from Nick Fury, while the four other handguns came from the Casting Cave website – I highly recommend that site for buying your weapons, unless you sculpt / create them yourself, which I often do. I actually modified / upgraded her two extra silver-toned handguns, holstered at her hips – initially, they were as small as the black ones held in her hands in the first pic. 

The cool axe latched upon her back was bought from a guy in China, via ebay. And I created her thigh straps from rubberbands, before painting them. I also created her thigh-latched gun holsters, using cardboard that I folded, before wrapping them with duct-tape. Obviously my Lara Croft custom is thick / voluptuous; yet she stands very well, despite her special underlying boot-threads, designed for her hiking adventures. I had to sculpt that feature as well, but it was a fun project. Thanks for checking her out! And stay tuned for more!

Monday, October 9, 2017


“LOYALTY IS FOR THE WEAK. VALOR IS FOR THE FOOLISH. ALL THAT MATTERS IS POWER!” ~ Quote, Hunter Shockwave [Post-Transformers Prime Era]

All right, this time I wanted to paint a custom that was fully original, per the accessories. This Hunter Shockwave was built upon the Transformes Prime Voyager Shockwave toy. Initially he was painted with a purple and gray scheme. So I gave him a full repaint and spray-painted him with Tamiya silver / chrome, and then I added gold accents, along with some silver highlights. Yet he looked rather plain, per his metallic color scheme [if you are familiar with the original G1 cartoon, then you know that the Key to Vector Sigma has the power to turn matter into metal, and Megatron once tried to use it to turn the Earth into a new Cybertron, hence my Shockwave has be infused with that metallic power, and it affected his color]. Therefore, I decided to weather him, and I used Tamiya metallic grey.

Lastly I added Tamiya Gloss black, which is shiny like crude oil. It is stained upon his legs, his left blaster, his boots and a bit of his body [front and rear sides]. But the oil is from stomping upon his fallen Autobot opponents, so it had to be splashed more on his legs and lower body. In his right arm, His handheld arm-cannon came from the Voyager Sharkticon Megatron, the one with the awful colors. And he has another lengthy custom blaster cannon attached to his forearm. Hence he can generate a special scissors-effect with those two blasters on his right arm – so one cannon can aim upwards, and the other can shoot downwards simultaneously. He has some extra three-part Gundam wings, which are attached to his rear tank-treads, on the left and right sides of his standard backpack. His shoulders have some new mini-gattling guns as well, pointing upwards.



Along with two Dr. Wu swords and a small shotgun holstered at his back [placed vertically right beside one of those swords], Shockwave also has a large blaster, sourced from the Marvel Legends Cable toy, adhered via a magnet to his left arm-cannon, which replaces his left arm. And that left arm-cannon was heavily customized with putty and polystyrene pieces, so it is bulkier than the standard one.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017


Here's another custom from this year 2017. And this is my second Armored Deathstroke custom, since he is one of my top 5 – 7 DC Comics characters. BTW, the first Deathstroke I made last year [2016] was recently posted in this DSNG blog, over HERE. And it looks different, since it didn’t have the same armor like this guy.

The base figure for this Armored Deathstroke was Marvel Legends Blizzard, and I had to fully sculpt the new body armor for him. Some of the weapons came from the Casting Cave Website [which had the perfect duplicates of Deadpool’s weapons that I needed], and some of the other weapons were custom made [like the long hybrid staff / nightstick, which is holstered at his back]. His hands came from Marvel Legends Whirlwind, and I cut the plastic holing down the trigger finger, thus setting it free. The deep-sea blue and flat orange paints for this Armored Deathstroke were done with Tamiya, before he was weathered with silver streaks from acrylic paint and also silver sharpie markers. Next, the gun holsters were cut and shaped from slim cardboard [used for posters or presentation projects], then wrapped with duct tape, and then painted wit metallic gray, and finally glued to his body at various points.

And his helmet was custom made with putty layers. The blaster adhered on his back is held via a small 5mm magnet, and I had to sculpt the back-holster for his custom nightstick.

In one of the pics, he is holding a long "Dr. Wu Double Pole sword" purchased from China [I got it via ebay; I think its "two for 10 bucks"]. Stay tuned for more!








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